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Frame Services
Repairs Service

All repair services available are only provided under warranty requests for existing customer orders at this time. Optical lab repair services are not offered as a standalone service for new customers. However, please check out the Technical Support section for common technical issues and solutions. Existing customers may request a repair request as per the Warranty.

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Lens Replacement Service
Customers may send in their own glasses to purchase new lenses from our store. Please visit the Eyeglass Lens Replacement section for more information.
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Frame & Size Alterations

Unfortunately, we do not offer the service of altering the sizes of any frames outside of their intended use. Furthermore, making alterations to the product may void the product warranty. The sizes advertised for frames are the only sizes currently available at this time. However, any additional sizing options which are available for a particular frame is generally found in the description of the product.

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Product Information & Availability
Need it right away?

Same-day shipping available on all items marked as Rush-Shipping for orders placed before 12pm eastern (on business days).

Request specific information about a particular product or check the current stock availability with the vendor using the product information form as explained in the instructions below.


  1. Visit the webpage of the product
  2. Select the color and size option desired. If there are multiple, please submit a separate request for each option
  3. Scroll down to the Customer Service menu in the product description
  4. Click the "Request Product Information" link to open the form, as shown in the example
  5. Provide a reply-to email address and any specific questions in the comments section, then submit your request. If no comments are provided we will only check the current stock with the vendor.

Please kindly allow around one business day for our staff to respond after contacting the vendor.


Product Details / Order Page:

Request Product Availability - Eyewear
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Specialty Frames
Specialty (Chassis) rimless

Although many rimless glasses are only offered in a single lens shape, custom rimless glasses use a standard universal chassis that can support a variety of interchangeable lens shapes and sizes. A chassis consists of the hinges, bridge (nose-peice) and temples.

Most lens shapes offered for a particular chassis may be available in a variety of sizes. Custom size scaling may be requested in the comments section of the order during checkout. To view the lens shapes available for a particular chassis, please see the description of the item or "Resources" section of the brand.

A variety of custom rimless collections are available including:
Shop all Chassis
Custom Rimless Chassis
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Random color frames

Certain glasses that come in stylish and vivid color patterns with numerous colors (like Tortoise Shell, Safari, or Havana) are not always guaranteed to be the same on every frame. The colors are placed randomly on a per-frame basis and are not replicated in the same fashion on every frame. It is always expected to receive a random color pattern on each individual frame.

A one-time exchange may be requested for another frame of the same as per the Returns Policy however, vetting out a customer acceptable pair through numerous exchange requests is not currently available. Each replacement is provided directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, it is not guaranteed the randomized patterns will be placed on the frames in a particular way.

Random Frame Color Patterns
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Parts & Components
Replacement Parts

The part selection offered is limited and generally intended for specialized frame brands. Replacement parts are not available for all the products offered. The replacement parts that are currently offered may be found throughout the eyewear catalog.


Replacement Parts Offered

  • Silicone/Vinylon Nose Pads (Universal)
  • Cases (Select brands only)
  • Head Straps (Select brands & products only)
  • Temple Tips (Select brands only)
  • Clip-on's (Select brands only)
  • Interchangeable Sun Lenses (Select brands & products only)

Replacement Parts Not Offered

  • Screws
  • Crystals / Stones
  • Nose pads (Brand or product specific)
  • Temples (Brand or product specific)
  • Emblems (Brand or product specific)
  • Any designer specific parts that are not already offered.
Shop Replacement Parts
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Replacement Clip-On's
Please note:

Replacement clip-ons are not the same as Custom Clip-ons. Custom Clip-ons are custom made for a particular frame. For details, please see the Custom Clip-on Guide.

Replacement clip-ons are sold separately for most frame brands that include clip-ons. The replacement clip-ons are labeled as “Replacement Clip-on” and are found in the eyeglass catalog of the brand. Since there may only be one global product page to order a replacement clip-on for the entire brand, the model, color and size desired will need to be provided in the comments section of the order (during checkout). Please refer to the product description of the clip-on page for details.


The following steps explain how to order a replacement clip-on for a particular frame:

  1. View all Replacement Parts
  2. Narrow the product results to the brand of the clip-on desired
  3. Select the desired "Replacement Clip-On" (product)
  4. Add the product to the shopping cart
  5. Provide the Model, Color & Size of the frame in the Comments Section of the order (during checkout)
  6. Complete the order
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Manufacturer Case & Packaging

All designer cases and packaging are included as provided by the manufacturer. The product specifications section of the product order page will display if the frame includes a designer case from the manufacturer, as shown in the example below.

Case Example

Case colors, styles, and packaging may vary based on the current availability of the manufacturer. Generally, the latest version is provided as per the supplier for new orders.

If a product does not include a case from the manufacturer, a Go-Optic Eyewear Case may be purchased for an additional cost. All frames purchased with custom lenses include a free Go-Optic case and a cleaning cloth.

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Demo Lenses

The default stock demo lenses that are included with the glasses as they come from the manufacturer are not intended for normal use. Demo lenses are usually marked with the brand logo and are intended to be replaced with prescription lenses. Clear Non-Prescription Plano Lenses without markings and for use may be added for an additional price if the frames are being used for cosmetic-only purposes.

The default lenses that are included with sunglasses are not considered demo lenses as they are intended for normal sun use.

Frame Stock Demo Lenses
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Lens Patterns & Templates

Lens templates and patterns are used by traditional optical stores to trace a new prescription lens for the frame. However, many optical labs can craft lenses without a pattern. Therefore, lens patterns or templates are generally provided upon request. If a lens pattern is needed by the optical store for crafting lenses, it may be requested in the comments section of the order during checkout. Rimless glasses may include demo lenses instead of patterns for tracing by the optical store.

Frame Lens Pattern
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Lens Drill Charts

When the optical store cannot use the demo lens as a drilling template, individual drill-charts for a particular lens shape can be downloaded directly online and sent to the optical store to craft and drill the lenses for a full rimless frame.

The lens shapes and drill charts available for most rimless frames may be found on the product brand page, under the "Resources" section, as shown below:

Rimless Drill Chart Example
Brand Resources Example
See Brands List
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